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Terri Conners

NOW that's the spirit, my friend! I would like to send this blog to the North Pole and have Santa deliver it all over the universe to get everyone thinking like you in time for next year. Please keep blogging... you're great (and your back-side has been looking very svelte lately)! Happy Holidays.

like minded holiday friend

Hey Maya! I am with you. Christmas is not about the perfectly bought, wrapped, stressed over gift for each person on your life! I do like to craft and will not hold it against you although I would hope you would come to my craft I am having on Sunday if we lived near.
You will be happy to know that I am making gifts made of recycled bottle caps, toilet paper rolls, bread tags, milk tags, vintage jewelry and such.
And girl, your hair is so beautiful and awesome. You have a fantastic family and you are the funniest!


Last year I made everyone's gifts. I made cute ornaments for the inlaws with pictures of my darling daughter. It was a total crackhead project and I had 2nd degree burns on both hands, up both arms, and one spot on my thigh ... but I made all the gifts - and bought myself a laptop. I know for a fact that at least one person on my list had an awesome gift - me :)

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