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Michelle Davies

You hit the nail on the head - Marketing.. every organization has a spin doctor, as does every religion whether it's in the form of the guy who stands in front of a TV Camera asking for your money (this should help in your salvation right?) or a priest standing in the pulpit striking fear into the hearts of the congregation.

I think religion on the whole is just getting desperate, they are realising that more and more people are chosing their OWN way- they are losing control and much like the Big Brother theory this just won't do.

I believe in God, not church. I believe in Karma.

Like you, I was raised in the Roman Catholic church - by nuns in a catholic boarding school from the age of 5, fear was everything I associated with the Catholic faith. Fear of hell, fear of torment, penance, mass, reparations, confession .. even the terminology was scary!

When I left that school at 15 I vowed NEVER to enter a church again.. it took me a VERY long time to go back on my word - but through that period my faith remained solid, in my heart my belief did not change, and I guess this is the point to my huge rant... it really doesn't matter what or how people try to sell you religion - if you don't want it, you won't buy it.

If you know in your heart, what is right and what is good and you live your life in this way, in the NOW, the afterlife will take care of itself.

Monica Rodgers

Thanks Michelle-
Love getting comments! Always love your mind.

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